On Sunday, December 7th, the DYA Molloy Chapter and the Dominican Volunteers gathered in Amityville for a meeting with some of our sisters. It was a wonderful afternoon of prayer and sharing. The young adults travelled throughout the motherhouse singing Christmas Carols and bringing Christmas cheer to our sisters.

Also on Sunday, December 7th, the Associates gathered to celebrate St. Nicholas' Day and to present their contributions to Helping Hands. Lessons and Carols followed at Vespers that afternoon and the many donations from Helping Hands were presented.

~ Advent began Nov. 30. We await in wonder the birth of the Christ child, our Lord and Savior, the Light of the World ~

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November 30 began the Year of Consecrated Life.

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On Sunday, November 23, the adult choirs and cantors of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Christ the King joined forces to present a concert in St. Albert's Chapel in honor of the Sisters who have ministered in these parishes. The chapel was filled to capacity to hear the glorious sounds of the 60+ singers along with trumpet, flute, cello and piano.